iCalendar of NSW Public Holidays

As a Producer, Line Producer and Production Manager in the film & TV industry I need to know about upcoming public holidays when pre-pre-pre-production planning. You’d be surprised how often a public holiday ruins a budget.

Anyway, I have a mix of databases, spreadsheets, text files and industry specific software that helps me do my job. But I hate manually looking stuff up again and again, and again and again.

Strangely it is really hard to subscribe to a clean iCalendar of just the Public Holidays in New South Wales. Google and Apple and Microsoft provide Australia-wide holidays, but I don’t need to know about Hobart Regatta Day or Friday before AFL Grand Final holidays.

I created an iCalendar ics file and made it available for anyone to use. Note it does not include Local Events and Local Public Holidays for towns and regions. I present NSW Public Holidays calendar.

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