Production Management

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The following jobs are within the department Production Management.

  • Line Producer
  • Production Manager
  • Production Co-ordinator
  • Production Secretary
  • Production Assistant
  • Runner
  • Production – Casuals
  • Location Scouting
  • Location Manager
  • Assistant Location Manager
  • Unit Manager
  • Unit Assistant
  • Unit – Casuals
  • Travel Co-ordinator
  • Transport Manager
  • Transport Assistant
  • Driver
  • Base Office Liaison

In Australian A-Z Budget – Feature Films these roles are in section C.1 Production Management.

Production Management is Below-The-LineThe-Line is said to differentiate the team responsible for the creative control of a motion picture from the technicians and crafts-people who make the film. More accurately Above-The-Line personnel are attached during the Development phase of a production while Below-The-Line crew are hired once the financing is in place and Preproduction begins. Costume, Art and Makeup departments are creative, but they still fall Below-The-Line.

Production Management is considered Labour by unions such as MEAA so their minimum rates of pay are defined in the standard industrial agreements for each production sector. is Stephen Fry proof thanks to caching by WP Super Cache