Fix Google Analytics Spam

Last updated on February 17th, 2016 at 04:04 am

Bottom line up front: Prevent spam in your Google Analytics with only 2 filters

Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service today so it is a target-rich environment for spammers to get eyeballs. They hope that web masters will see their url and check out where the traffic is coming from. The reality is there is no new traffic, it’s all bots manipulating the system.

Google Analytics spam is only bad for the site owner. Users never see the consequences, but the owner’s stats are full of junk, devaluing the data.

After long neglect I’m busy behind-the-scenes with this and other websites. My painful reality is bad guys hitching a ride on my corner of the web. Take care of your neighbourhood unless you want to it to go bad.

How to update Facebook status from Google+

Last updated on July 5th, 2015 at 05:10 pm

I prefer Google+ over Facebook for sharing because

  1. paradoxically I trust Google?s privacy commitment more than Facebook
  2. Google let?s me take my connections with me when I leave
  3. per post privacy options

But I realize that Facebook has 600 million users and so much better reach.

Here?s a tip for updating your Facebook status from Google+

  1. go to and copy your personalized upload email address
  2. When sharing on Google Plus add that email address in the +add more people box.
  3. You can create a circle with just email addresses of ?update via email? services. Add that circle to any update you want shared on other services. My circle is called Statuses.

The update is limited to the first 45 characters and shows as ?via Email?. I?ll update this post when I find a better way to do this.

Free Google Plus Invite

Last updated on July 5th, 2015 at 04:12 pm

Update: 5 July 2015 This post received 217 comments before I migrated servers and a corruption lost my posts and comments. That means I sent out more than 200 invitations to the Field Trial! I don’t see much point in manually recreating the comments on this thread. So I’ll just post this…

217 responses to Free Google Plus Invite

Update: 21 September 2011?Google is out of Field Trial and now in Beta, therefore you no longer need an invitation to join. Thanks for stopping by.

I?ve got Google Plus Invites here for free. You do not need to have a gmail address to use Google Plus, but you will need to create a Google account for the email address you use.

To get an invitation, just comment below with the email address you want the invitation for and I?ll invite you. In the comment tell me how you found this page ? if via a search, what were the search terms?

I?d appreciate a like, +1 or tweet to the home page afterwards. Extra karma for googling? and clicking the +1 there too.

Update 12 September 2011: Visits to this post have vanished, so I?ll keep sending invitations if you ask, but I?ll not be monitoring this post as closely.

Update 6 August 2011: Google has introduced URL invites but they have 150 invite limit. I?m sending out email invites which currently have no limits.

Update 1 August 2011: Please remember to like this page on Facebook as well.

Update 19 July 2011: I will edit this section if I ever stop sending invitations. If this is still here, I?m still sending them out.

Update 15 July 2011: You don?t have to put your addresss in the body of the comment. Just use the Email field, it will be hidden from spam lists. Put your name or nick in the Name field too.

What is Google Plus?

Google Plus launched last week and is Google?s third and most complete go at social media. They are making it easy to share with your circle, it?s designed that way from the ground up. Plus people are talking about it being Google?s version of Facebook. But I think it?s better.

Google Plus Launches

Last updated on July 5th, 2015 at 04:02 pm

Well Google Plus (or Google+) launched.

Without me.

None of my ?friends? fixed me up with an invite.

I am unloved and unworthy of love.

Google+ humor is breaking out everywhere, and my favorite is:

Welcome to Plus Club
#1 ? The first rule of Plus Club is, you do not talk about Plus Club.
#2 ? The second rule of Plus Club is, you DO NOT talk about Plus Club.
#3 ? If someone +mentions you, invites you to hang out, shares a Spark with you, you +1 them.
#4 ? Put people in relevant Circles.
#5 ? As many Circles as you like.
#6 ? No Facebookers, no Buzz commoners.
#7 ? Plus threads will go on as long as they have to.
#8 ? If this is your first night at Plus Club, you have to post.

Not that I?d know. I?m not ?in?. C?mon interwebs, hook me up already.
I?m in! Thanks to my online friend Vera for fixing me up.