Tweets on 2009-11-12

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  • Am I strange that the only sport I like & follow is hoops at all levels? Don't care about NRL AFL ARU NFL MLB NHL ATP PGA EPL ASP IPL S15 #
  • @GoldCoastGirl oops I'm both these accounts 🙂 in reply to GoldCoastGirl #
  • Seen this? @SimonHampel RT @gundelizer: #SMH Adelaide Zoo swelters after power cut: power failure closes Adelaide Zoo #
  • @LiveYourBrand Happy to discuss it with you as I do the same for @MoreHoops basketball news in reply to LiveYourBrand #
  • RT @nickmarvin: Rudd, stop prancing around world & try some micro-economic reform instead of quick fix handouts & interest rate rises #
  • Oops previously sent fr wrong acc @SimonHampel Thought you might like that and be relevant for @ZooChat. Is the bot custom or off the shelf #
  • @SimonHampel Can I see it. I'm doing similar for @WealthEsteem but using a db to hold the scraped data in reply to SimonHampel #
  • @Hoops_angel good idea. no need for put-down names unless it suits your writing style 🙂 I'm shifting this conversation to my "real" id in reply to Hoops_angel #
  • Why can't I get TVSN (Channel 31) in Sydney (Rosebery) any more? #help #
  • oops that should be: Why can't I get TVS (Channel 31) in Sydney (Rosebery) any more? #help #
  • @Hoops_angel InSydney they're showing ep 2 of Glee. But I'm watching it anyway. Wait for the wife to get home b4 watching the l8est US ep in reply to Hoops_angel #

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