My netbook has crashed

Broken Screen by John Julian Hansen Denmark /

Last updated on July 5th, 2015 at 05:14 pm

Broken Screen by John Julian Hansen Denmark /
Broken Screen by John Julian Hansen Denmark /

My main workhorse is a eMachines m250 netbook. Last night it decided to crash. Now it only boots under XP safe mode or Linux from a USB.

Most of my apps are on the cloud in some way or other, so I am not actually missing anything. But it is inconvenient, there are some local files I?ve moved to a USB stick to keep working.

In the past, a system crash like this would have shut me down for at least a few days. I?ve wasted this morning trying to recover the machine. But now I give up, time for some sort of netbook distro of Linux and move on. Working that out will waste a few more hours later tonight.

I think I?ve lost some of my Tweetdeck setup, plus some downloaded media and white papers, but nothing important I can think of.

Why are businesses still using PC?s and local storage?

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