iPad for me

Last updated on July 6th, 2015 at 03:01 pm

I’ll probably be getting a iPad when it’s released in Australia. I replaced my blackberry with my first generation iPhone, plus my 15″ laptop stays home too. I can email and web-surf directly from the iPhone. I take the laptop if I want to update a spreadsheet or write but I’m tethered by battery life and the Compaq gets too hot for my lap.

An iPad fixes web research on the iphone – I can see and read a whole page on its big screen. If I get a bluetooth keyboard I’ll even be able to type normally with some sort of cradle/dock.

While I don’t think I’ll need 3g broadband, it is very tempting. But for emergencies I can always use my iphone to look something up quickly. Finding a Wi-Fi equipped cafe is easy enough to save the $150 or so (plus ongoing access) that 3g will need. Alternatively I can put my phone SIM in the iPad and use my bundled data plan. Now that makes sense.

So long as the iPad is near netbook price points I’ll take one

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