2008 looking forward

Last updated on July 6th, 2015 at 03:11 pm

I?m a bit surprised that I haven?t published a public update since 12 November 2007, but then again I haven?t been doing too much stuff in the Technology space nor much Travel that I can post about – the nature of mergers & acquisitions is that most of them are confidential even after the deal is done.

Another reason for the lack of updates is that my workplace does not like me posting anything identifiable here, and they actually visit to check up on me. Dear coworkers – as you are aware, your internet is logged and I know who you are.

I was hired to make profound changes to how a business is run, using my skills, contacts, personality and style. Strangely now that those changes are bearing fruit, there are people who want me to change. Such is life.

The third reason for the absence is my ongoing confusion about what this blog is for. It is my personal space, most of my friends, family and acquaintances know about it, but my specialised interests have their own sites. I?ll be posting more links and short pieces here this year.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean by ?confusion about what this blog is for? ? I?ve suffered the same problem on my own personal blog. I have had to resist the urge to make it into something that it isn?t, while at the same time also resisting the urge to start multiple blogs about every specialised topic I?d like to discuss (realising that I could never do them justice on their own).

    For now, my site remains an eclectic mix of personal reflection, technology musings, photos, family updates (letting them know I?m still alive!), and more recently, travel journals. It?s messy – it?s less than ideal for content focus, but I?ve decided not to fight that. My blog is what it is – and I?m comfortable with the concept of it not ever being any more than what it is.

    Like you, my target audience is me (!), and my family and friends ? and occasionally I manage to help other people out by blogging my solutions to technical issues I come across. Otherwise, I have no goals for my site – and I am happy with that (although it has taken a while to come to this conclusion and to be at peace with it).

    • Hi Sim? Great to hear from you. Happy new year, may you and yours have a joyous and memorable 2008. We failed miserably in our plan to send Christmas cards out this year.

      I like ?eclectic?. I was starting to pressure myself to make the posts here meaningful, insightful or otherwise ?worthy?. That?s how I eventually get burned out in online forums. Now instead I can relax and just write.

      Thanks for the moral support.

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