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Last updated on July 4th, 2015 at 11:24 am

A twitter friend Cameron Reilly at G?Day World on thePodcastNetwork asks A Question about eBay Etiquette.

In a nutshell he left neutral feedback for a seller even though he liked the service and the seller was helpful.

Jeez Cameron, the ebay feedback system is about your experience with the seller.

Did the seller ship the goods? Were the goods shipped quickly? Was the payment process easy? Was the item as described? If you were not happy with the item was there a exchange or refund process? If a refund, exchange or discount was offered, was it easy to get? The answer to everything seems to be yes, therefore your experience of the seller should be positive and you?d rate them as such.

So the product is a dud – contact the seller and tell the it?s not fit-for-purpose, if they don?t cooperate THEN give them a neutral or negative because the description implies fit-for-purpose.

This is what you?d do with a retailer – if a product was a dud you?d try to exchange or refund. You wouldn?t put signs up on the store saying they sold you a dud (unless they refused to fix it). A sellers reputation is all they have on eBay.

Neutral and negative feedback hurts all sellers – professional and amateur. If it isn?t the sellers fault why did you punish them? You?re holding an emerchant to a higher standard of service than the guy you bought your mac from.

Disclosure: I once ran a company that was top 3% of sellers on eBay globally. We had less than 0.2% negative feedback and less than 0.9% neutral. All were either Non Paying Bidders or from buyers who received a 100% no-questions-asked refund INCLUDING shipping. What more could we do?

Check out a sellers negative and neutral feedback using the feedback tool at Toolhaus. From nearly 3000 transactions and 1267 feedback scores for ziggys_warehouse we had the following:

ziggys_warehouse ( 1095)

Feedback Score: 1095
Positive Feedback: 99.8%
Members who left a positive: 1097
Members who left a negative: 2
All positive Feedback: 1254
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Ratings mutually withdrawn: 0
Feedback From / Price Date / Time
Detailed item information is not available for the following items because the Feedback is over 90 days old.
Negative feedback rating No contact Buyer:

Dec-12-04 17:50
  • Reply by ziggys_warehouse (Dec-12-04 20:01):

    didn?t complete the purchase nearly 3 months ago. Ignored every email.

? (#5923194458) ?
Neutral feedback rating I don?t think the ab swing is the same as the one on tv. Buyer:

Dec-07-04 03:22
  • Reply by ziggys_warehouse (Dec-07-04 15:54):

    customers have compared them side by side and they are the same.

? (#7114474316) ?
Neutral feedback rating seat was upside down – delivery and communication was good Buyer:

abpd65 ( 8 )
Nov-30-04 11:22
  • Reply by ziggys_warehouse (Nov-30-04 23:51):

    Contact us if you have any problems and we?d fix it

? (#7114918992) ?
Neutral feedback rating it?s working ok Buyer:

Nov-23-04 20:22
  • Reply by ziggys_warehouse (Nov-24-04 03:03):

    8 of 11 feedback left by this buyer is neutral even when happy = confused buyer

? (#7101045210) ?
Neutral feedback rating Missing parts, ripped rubber on the handle Buyer:

Nov-21-04 03:28
  • Reply by ziggys_warehouse (Nov-21-04 12:42):

    Contact us if you have any problems and we?d fix it

? (#7113138298) ?
Neutral feedback rating 1 bolt fallen out, almost unable to correct. Finally managed it. Rest good. Buyer:

Nov-19-04 03:21
  • Reply by ziggys_warehouse (Nov-21-04 12:41):

    Contact us if you have any problems and we?d fix it

? (#7112251394) ?
Negative feedback rating lost payment and slow delivery Buyer:

No longer a registered user

Nov-08-04 23:37
  • Reply by ziggys_warehouse (Nov-09-04 01:49):

    Didn?t read. PRE-SALE=dispatched on day promised. I didn?t lose her payment.

? (#7108305122) ?
Neutral feedback rating bit of a mix up with payment Buyer:

Nov-08-04 04:13
  • Reply by ziggys_warehouse (Nov-08-04 15:48):

    Didn?t check out despite numerous emails. Please read instructions in listing

? (#7107147909) ?
Neutral feedback rating Few Little mix ups but everyone was very helpful in resolving the issue Buyer:

Oct-06-04 16:07
  • Reply by ziggys_warehouse (Oct-07-04 01:10):

    eBay registered address is still wrong. Blames us for sending item to address

? (#5921757151) ?
Neutral feedback rating Easy proccess. Good work? Buyer:

azos93 ( 1 )
Sep-21-04 23:06
  • Reply by ziggys_warehouse (Sep-23-04 15:45):

    Why a neutral? Another new buyer who doesn?t know neutral vs positive

? (#7101047734) ?
Neutral feedback rating fast & Good delivery . thanks heap Buyer:

Sep-10-04 20:22
  • Reply by ziggys_warehouse (Sep-11-04 22:32):

    Why leave neutral? New ebayer who does know neutral vs positive.

    • Follow-up by minervavenus2000 (Sep-18-04 20:27):

      acttually I made mistake .. It its positive. .sorry about that :(

? (#3697885072) ?
Neutral feedback rating Excellent service, but the product is after market & not original as advertised! Buyer:

Sep-03-04 05:17
  • Reply by ziggys_warehouse (Sep-04-04 05:01):

    Please email or call if not satisfied & we?ll fix it. Not original in what way?

? (#3695200007) ?
Neutral feedback rating A+ process/delivery. Box water damaged Inside book pages stuck together. Rust Buyer:

Jul-01-04 02:55
  • Reply by ziggys_warehouse (Jul-02-04 02:02):

    I?ve offered a free replacement – accidently let a damaged item through

    • Follow-up by jamesy64 (Jul-02-04 07:29):

      Ziggys are professional and went out of their way as said. Very trustworthy A++

? (#3685112247) ?
2 Negative
11 Neutral
0 Withdrawn
13 Total

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