WordPress Bad Behavior Plugin Conflicts

Last updated on July 5th, 2015 at 04:06 pm

The Bad Behavior plugin for WordPress is great, it denies spambots even seeing your blog before they try to spam you. But there are four specific issues to be aware of with Bad Behavior 2.0.43.

4 conflicts when using the Bad Behavior plugin

1) On WordPress with WP-Super Cache plugin

Bad Behavior must be enabled in WP-Super Cache?s configuration in order to protect PHP Cached or Legacy Cached pages. Bad Behavior cannot protect mod_rewrite cached (Super Cached) pages.

mod-rewrite is the fastest and most efficient way to cache the pages. So if you Super Cache your pages make sure you?ve configured everything correctly or don?t bother using BB. Alternatively if you want both WPSC and BB you must select Advanced options to use PHP or Legacy caching. Then you must configure the WP Super Cache plugins options too.

2) On WordPress with Spam Karma 2 plugin

From the readme When using Bad Behavior in conjunction with SK2, you may see PHP warnings when Spam Karma 2 displays its internally generated CAPTCHA. This is a design problem in Spam Karma 2.

SK2 is old but will updated ?real soon now? by people who?ve taken over its development. The new version is called Spam Karma but ignore this advice if the new SK is not in http://WordPress.org/extend/plugins by Sep 2011. SK2 is still the #1 spam killer I?ve found. If I have to chose between SK and BB, SK2 wins.


Whitelisting is done in a bad-behavios/whitelist.inc.php file that gets overwritten on upgrades. Whitelists should be either in the database or in an upgrade-proof config file. So if you need to whitelist something, copy the file to a backup like whitelist.inc.backup.php immediately.

4) Commission Junction users

I?ve read Commission Junction still needs to be white listed. The bot is failing the header test that?s trying to verify advertising banners.

400 Header ?Referer? is corrupt (45b35e30)
CJNetworkQuality; http://www.cj.com/networkquality

Bad Behavior?s Developer Michael Hampton?s response is ?that?s a problem with CJ?s bot; you need to report it to them? which I agree with. But if you have choose between CJ and BB, CJ wins. Hopefully CJ has fixed their bot

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