Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-09

Last updated on July 4th, 2015 at 07:23 pm

  • RT @napalmnacey: #sandilandsisadouche I like this trend topic name. Fire Kyle! Fire him, I say! Jackie too! Booyah! #
  • Thanks for the soapbox link @Entregreeneur. We're not cinema target mkt. But piracy funds terrorism made my teenager LOL at the stupidity. #
  • interesting use of twitter @pratyushagarwal, how do you feed it? Connect on LinkedIn? I have 6522 connections #
  • RT @PaddyShaughn Six Reasons You Resist Online Marketing and Social Media | Boost Your Brand Online – Internet Marketi… #
  • @CraigThomler Are you scheduling the posts in advance? in reply to CraigThomler #
  • Even though their show is in recess #optus #stopsponsoringaustereo until the review is over and antisocial people are gone 4 good. http … #
  • @hotpepperchick thnx 4 the mention. I like your style. I'll talk to you about automation tools & options next week if that suits you. #
  • Why do I do most of my Tweeting @ night? I should be finalising an MBA assignment #
  • RT @Sue_Murdock: A little help please 🙂 Take a look at & tell me if the models look too young for the site. #
  • The blue-eyed girl is gorgeous, but she looks 15 in the brown bag shot @Sue_Murdock #
  • Why do entrepreneurs & executives always claim to be high-energy? I'll be different: having a low-energy day finishing my MBA career plan #
  • @Sue_Murdock you're welcome, I'm very interested in what you're doing there. Would love a coffee and chat. I'm in Rosebery. in reply to Sue_Murdock #
  • @AlexBlom It's actually not a bad system. The person calling you can't tell it's a cell and they don't pay extra. So it's user pays in reply to AlexBlom #
  • @AlexBlom like many countries Prepaid is expensive, best deals are post-paid. Also use minutes when making calls and receiving calls there in reply to AlexBlom #
  • I love that quote but wasn't it on a washing machine? RT @lindyasimus: Normal is a setting on the dryer. #
  • @lindyasimus how great that you have it on a button. I want one! #
  • @glenmcfarlane welcome back in reply to glenmcfarlane #

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