2011 A Journey Begins

Last updated on July 6th, 2015 at 02:47 pm

I have neglected my friends, ?acquaintances and family. I feel bad about that but figured you’d deal with it as I’m generally slack.

I’ve neglected perfect strangers who have stumbled into my deep end of the alphabet and returned for a second helping. I feel bad about that because I’ve missed a chance to move you into the friends, acquaintances and family group I mentioned. You should feel slighted.

2011 is here and before I return to more mundane stuff I’m in the mood for some resolutions. Maybe a bit of goal setting or at least some delusional wishful thinking.

I am writing on this blog more often. That will continue. I will not commit to an update schedule. Nor is my?dalliance with status updates over. I will keep that mistress as well as you.??But I will come back here an give you some love too.

I’m saying “no” more this year. If it doesn’t feed my soul I’m letting it go in 2011.

I’m back in online and direct sales in 2011. Now the real work begins in product sourcing and marketing. Logistics and fulfilment will be fun.

I am open to 52 cups of coffee with new friends in 2011. So let me know if you want a slot in Sydney, or on my travels.

I’ll kick a few metaphorical heads in this year. Don’t piss me off and I won’t tell you what to do. Let’s agree to let each other make our own mistakes and learn. I fired my last consulting client in November and tasted freedom.

I’m gonna get some. Who wants to join me?

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