Tweets on 2009-09-17

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  • kids have discovered a computational knowledge engine. Impressisve #
  • Glee was great. It's the Fame of its generation. I'm a gleek. #Glee #
  • A stretch for Larissa to link 30 years of abuse to pedophiles. Both evil crimes but not the same. #qanda #
  • Tanya Plibersek is spinning spinning spinning #qanda #
  • Joe Hockey at least takes a stand. An advantage of being in opposition. #qanda. #
  • If pedo's can't be rehabilitated then jail them for life. Alternatively label and monitor 24/7 #qanda oh here comes the castration argument #
  • @gmanual probably because it's irreversable but requiring only beyond "reasonable" doubt #qanda in reply to gmanual #
  • I wish #qanda had a data warehouse team to get instant data like recidivism rates for pedos. #
  • jeeze Tanya can you muddy the waters further? #qanda #
  • @RemyDavies good point. Tanya just decided to muddy the waters to avoid a poor grade #qanda in reply to RemyDavies #
  • too true RT @aaronmagner Bewildered that we seriously talking about castration on #qanda. Shall we cut the hands off thieves? #
  • argh gotta go pick up my daughter from work, no more #qanda for me tonight, enjoy the rest tweeple #
  • What does a politician of any flavour know about history? Jeez #qanda #
  • @CustomTees 🙂 LOL in reply to CustomTees #
  • @lindyasimus creepy pedophiles move on once their victims stop looking like children in reply to lindyasimus #
  • I thought the Great Man theory of history was discredited as sexist, racist, colonial and imperialist? #qanda #
  • RT @crazyjane13: Breaking News: Tanya agrees with Joe. Ruddbot blows a fuse. Film at 11. #qanda #
  • Do Aussies talk English? RT @ClaudiaFunder: #qanda imperative to learn at lst 2/3 languages. Very shameful tht mst aussies aren't bilingual. #
  • Again pollies talking "research" without citing sources #qanda make em cite a source! #
  • @CustomTees true I just got back from picking up my daughter and forgot who we were shooting. I LOL in reply to CustomTees #
  • @lindyasimus I agree they're evil but lumping all the freaks together won't get us anywhere. in reply to lindyasimus #

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