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Last updated on July 6th, 2015 at 02:51 pm

I was in Bali last week for Todd’s & Corinna’s wedding. 73 hours isn’t enough time in paradise.

I hate Jetstar for “delaying” the flight back for operational reasons and failing to SMS me so I could stay at the resort another day. Instead we checked out and went to the airport, only to hang around while they sorted the mess, then put us up in another airport hotel for the night.

Frank Fable art is gr8 m8

As a father of daughters – I can’t yell at them then expect them to grow up confident, secure and not take sh!t from men. Still learning this lesson even though my oldest is 16.

I am not keeping up enough with my family and friends. While we see updates on social media – I don’t check in with my family enough. Plus I have too many “updates” coming at me daily that I don’t see the important ones.

I’ve fixed my email inbox so 90% of email is automatically prioritized. I only have to deal with the remainder and quickly scan the rest in case something’s important. I need to do that with my social and real world networks.

I need to lose 8 kilograms and get more exercise.

Why haven’t I been writing a novel or screenplay?

Twitter switched off their basic authentication services. Now none of my custom tools work until I integrate OAUTH. Not happy Jan.

Clinical depression sucks. Financial pressure sucks doubly. Fix one fixes both?

I’m wondering what to do with my life, career, vocation.

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