How to pronounce Pfizer

Last updated on March 27th, 2017 at 02:31 pm

My wife was watching commercial TV tonight and an ad came on saying Australians should get a cholesterol test. This ad and the website being promoted is sponsored by Pfizer Australia. That was in small print in screen at the bottom. So I’m guessing Pfizer sells the leading cholesterol treatment.

Prime time TV ads for drug companies. I thought that was only in America. Very dodgy. Good marketing though.

I’ve just deleted a whole section where I named trademarks, but I’m concerned it will just attract a whole lot of spam plus get this post trapped for my email subscribers.

Anyway, my wife didn’t like how I pronounced Pfizer. She challenged me to prove it. I knew the company from my interest in the markets, and I pronounce it like the news media and stock brokers do “F-eyes-her”.

But I found a great site called All the words in the world. Pronounced. What a great idea! It’s still early stages but it looks fantastic. Plus they’re currently up to 183 languages.

Here is their pronunciation guide for Pfizer:


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    • Because you pronounce the P in PF softly rather than just the F. It’s originally a germanic name like Knopf.

      Interestingly in German it’s pronounce like “Fitzer”

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