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Last updated on June 24th, 2015 at 01:07 am

Air Review : Online and Uncensored is a great site for reviews of airlines – their inflight food, bar, service, lounges, and planes. I just lost an hour reading their review of Qantas and comparing it to Emirates Airlines.

Be aware that many of their links have typos. So if you see a Page not Found (404) error just check the slash is the right way around or the airline name has the correct plural like Emirates.

They also have a comprehensive description of each Frequent Flyer program.

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  1. Don?t go jetstar. The price is not worth it. I booked 5 months ago for a 22 hour visit to brisbane from sydney. Since I live in Melb, I had to arrange for qantas connecting flights. Three weeks ago, Jetstar changed the syd-bne leg by 10 mins: inconvenient, but not a problem. 6 days before flying, they change it – by delaying it for 5 hours. That would mean a 6 hour layover in sydney airport for what could have been a 2 hour qantas flight (which I was happy to delay by changing in sydney for the price, but wouldn?t have chosen if I had to pay full price or was only getting into bne sat evening instead of sat midday). The alternatives jetstar offered: take this flight, cancel it & we?ll refund it (but we won?t refund your qantas connecting flights), or we?ll change you to the 11.25 flight – oh, sorry, you won?t be here in time. No, we can?t cover the costs of changing your qantas flight. The difference between me originally flight qantas direct, and in flying jetstar + qantas + qantas change fee meant that it would have been more economical to book a direct qantas flight 5 months ago. 6 days out – those pricing options are no longer available. Jetstar is unreasonably using its contractual clause to say that it can ?reschedule flights? without considering the fate of those who booked (and paid) many, many months ago. Qantas, on the other hand – after I had had three separate conversations arguing with jetstar managers trying ot get them to pay the cost of changing the qantas flights, two of which were tearful – but qantas simply said: oh, they did that to you? we?re so sorry. Of course we?ll change your flight free of charge for you. Qantas, you win. Hands down. I?ll never fly jetstar again. All those of you who are tempted by the cheap fares – beware. They say that they will offer a 1.30 flight on 8 December, then 6 days before, they cancel that flight and deny you any right to compensation. It?s just not worth it!!!

  2. We have recently travelled with JetStar from Brisbane to Sydney & return as my husband purchased a ?cheap? fare as a Valentines Day surprise. The experience spoiled the actual intent my husband had which was to provide a relaxing and enjoyable time away. The trip down was fine, apart from the ?medical emergency? delaying the flight by half an hour. The return trip however, left us feeling demeaned and demoralised, and convinced that the price to pay for being treated as second rate customers was hardly worth while. We arrived early at the airport (2hours + before our flight), hoping to check in and rest while having a coffee, having walked around Sydney for the majority of the day thus far. The charming women who paged ?passengers for flight xxx, (who were arriving early for their flight due to depart at 5.20 pm), with great politeness and charm advised that given we were early we were to be put on an earlier Qantas flight, if we would like to walk the distance to the next terminal. They would be expecting us, with a fax advising of our (& another couple who had also arrived early) transfer, within the next 15 to 20 minutes. Between this time and when we actually boarded (in separated seats 2 Qantas flights and almost 3 hours later), we discovered that the jetstar flight had actually been cancelled, a fact that would have been well known to the jetstar staff who led us to believe we were being provided with an opportunity to be placed on an earlier flight. The dealings with the Qantas staff were mixed, with one very polite and understanding, and another extremely snooty, condescending and ensuring every second word delivered a message that Qantas was completely disassociated from Jetstar and their customers, and left us feeling we should be grateful for small mercies as we were the ?great unwashed and unworthy?. Once we, the great unworthy and unwashed, were safely buckled in to the Qantas aircraft, all passengers were then advised that there would be a delay due to a complication arising from an engineering check (a cracked window0. More phone calls were made to rellies who had been advised of the ongoing changes, (earlier, not so early now, actually later than originally planned, later again)?..
    I am unable to find an email address to communicate my concerns to jetstar, however find reading other comments on the net of similar experiences and being able to complete this lengthy email to share, as being somewhat therapeutic. Our decision to never give the cheap airfares a try is firm and immovable after our interesting experience of being treated as the great unwashed & unworthy! Perhaps this should be included in the fine print of traveling with a low cost carrier.

  3. Jetstar Honeymoon Horror

    Ever book your honeymoon 8 months in advance just to have Jetstar decide they won’t fly to the location in order to save money? Then take numerous calls and letters and still not return your money or arrange an alternative when you have already booked hotels and transfer flights? If you haven’t had this pleasurable experience then Book Jetstar, the only airline guaranteed to ruin your honeymoon, ooh and not give you your money back in the first few months of demands even though they no longer fly to the destination you paid for. I wait in hope.

  4. Traveling Thailand. Anyone could give me some good info as I am the first timer there?

    Especially I’m interest about Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. What are the cheapest Tour Operators flying from Western Europe?

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    • Hi Rachelle

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      At this time it is at the end of the post at “Share and Enjoy”

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