Go see Juno


Last updated on July 4th, 2015 at 11:45 am

Juno one sheetWe saw a preview of Juno tonight. It opens in Australia on 17 January 2008. Go see it, it?s the best film of the year. It?s as good as Little Miss Sunshine, American Beauty, Election, The Breakfast Club – I can go on.

It captures a voice of youth and the way you felt if you were ever a freaky little teenager. Juno reflects that youth is for the young but dealing with issues beyond our maturity is a life-long lesson.

Juno is a sixteen year old high school junior who falls pregnant after a one night fling with her best friend Bleek. She finds adoptive parents for the baby and the story develops around this smart-alec, punk, clever, cute, insightful mother-to-be as she deals with: her feelings for Bleek, her other best friend Leah, her parents, the adoptive parents, pregnancy and school. Any more and I?d have to give spoilers.

I love this film. We?ll be watching it again with our 14 year old daughter, although she won?t think I?m cool enough and the teen pregnancy will freak her out.

See it then let me know what you think.

27 Dresses short review

27 Dresses

Last updated on July 30th, 2018 at 06:08 pm

We saw a preview of 27 Dresses thanks to 20th Century Fox and Metro Magazine – since 1968 Australia’s oldest, continuously published film and media magazine.

I’ve managed to somehow overwrite the original review – how frustrating.

I like a good romantic comedy. Most of my more bloke-y friends think I’m a bit suspect. However I’ve found 2 things to be self evident:

  1. Chicks like rom-coms and chick flicks – this makes them great date movies with significant fringe benefits, and
  2. after watching a chick flick most self-respecting women will happily endorse you excursion to the pictures with your mates to see the latest addition to the Alien franchise.

27 Dresses is a solid 3 star addition to the wedding film sub-genre of the romantic comedy. It isn’t as good as the Wedding Singer or even My Best Friends Wedding but it’s fun, clever, entertaining and natural.

From the trailer Jane has been a bridesmaid 27 times and is looking forward to one day being the bride. Secretly in love with her boss, George, Jane is both the perfect bridesmaid and the perfect executive assistant. Organised, in-control, resourceful, sensitive and competent, she can take care of any crisis but can’t pursue her own happiness. George is handsome, sincere, loveable and clueless. Jane’s insensitive sister Tess whisks in from Milan, meets George and Jane must organise her sister’s perfect marriage to her boss. Kevin is a journalist whose cynical view of the marriage industry is at odds with his gift to write about weddings in a way swoons brides, to-be’s and wanna-be’s.

The relationships and plot development are mostly natural and relaxed, flowing while setting up engaging gags. I have two complaints. Firstly the easy plot choices made for Tess, I’d love to see what would have emerged had the more mature Tess from the end of the film been there all along. It’s hard to write characters who are flawed but good.

Secondly, I hated the way Jane broke out of her people pleasing pattern. Again I think it was the easy or lazy story choice but they missed greatness by not reaching for it. All rom-coms need the all-is-lost moment and it is extremely hard to write. That’s what makes them worth doing.

Still a good effort with hilarious moments not in the trailer. A great date movie that will let guys get more action than Alien vs Predator: Requiem. Go see that with your mates afterwards.

2008 looking forward

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I?m a bit surprised that I haven?t published a public update since 12 November 2007, but then again I haven?t been doing too much stuff in the Technology space nor much Travel that I can post about – the nature of mergers & acquisitions is that most of them are confidential even after the deal is done.

Another reason for the lack of updates is that my workplace does not like me posting anything identifiable here, and they actually visit to check up on me. Dear coworkers – as you are aware, your internet is logged and I know who you are.

I was hired to make profound changes to how a business is run, using my skills, contacts, personality and style. Strangely now that those changes are bearing fruit, there are people who want me to change. Such is life.

The third reason for the absence is my ongoing confusion about what this blog is for. It is my personal space, most of my friends, family and acquaintances know about it, but my specialised interests have their own sites. I?ll be posting more links and short pieces here this year.