Crowd Funding for Independent Film (Series)

Army of Dollars,by Svilen Milev, Bulgaria,

Last updated on November 5th, 2021 at 01:18 pm

Army of Dollars,by Svilen Milev, Bulgaria,
Army of Dollars,by Svilen Milev, Bulgaria,

I am writing a huge series of articles on crowd funding for independent productions. The emphasis is on international projects outside the USA. Taken together they form a comprehensive plan you can follow to launch your own crowd funding campaign.

Crowd funding works even when it doesn’t. Huh? Lots of films have failed to meet their crowd funding target but got made anyway. I’ll cover that.

Even more indie films were not made because they couldn’t get enough fans to back them-andmaybe that was a good thing. If you can’t get enough fans to commit to buying a ticket, download, screener or DVD of your movie, maybe it doesn’t have an audience. If you can’t convince people to give you money for a god-damned postcard or other tsotchke, quit.

We’re doing an MBA for Film Producers here.

The last bit of advice – it will take more work than you thought, probably as much as you will put into making your film.

Topics include

  • Does your project need crowd funding?
  • 10 things to do before you launch a independent film crowd funding campaign
  • 5 great things that from missing your crowd funding target

If you have specific questions, ask them in the comments and I’ll respond.

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