The following titles exist within the group (not technically a department) Producers.

  • Executive Producer
  • Producer
  • Co-Producer
  • Associate Producer
  • Producers’ Assistant

In Australian A-Z Budget – Feature Films these roles are in section B.1 Producers.

Producers are Above-The-Line, which means they are part of the team responsible for the creative control of a motion picture.

Producers, but not the Producer’s Assistant, are considered Management by unions such as MEAA so their rates of pay are not defined in the standard industrial agreements. This is somewhat tricky for independent producers who are often caught between the funding bodies (studios, government funders, investors) and the unions.

A historical problem that anyone could get a producer credit even if they don’t actually produce the movie. The Producer’s Guild in the USA has long fought for the rights of working producers. Recently the post nominals p.g.a. began showing up for people who actually did a producer’s job on a movie.

The Producers’s fee on Australian feature films is often equal with the Director and Screenwriter, due to most favoured nation clauses supported by funding bodies and unions. However Producers can own equity in the film and participate in profits of the film while Director, Screenwriter and Actors may receive a share of the Producer’s profits.

Australian funding bodies have also historically limited writers’ fees to 3% of the production budget for feature films with government investment or grants.

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