Good Review for Beijing Punk by The Impaler Speaks

Beijing Punk by Shaun Jefford ? Poster

Last updated on March 27th, 2017 at 02:18 pm

Beijing Punk by Shaun Jefford ? Poster
Beijing Punk by Shaun Jefford ? Poster

Truly insightful analysis of the movie matched with deep knowledge of history & currency of punk. This guy gets it.

“Beijing Punk” is fast-paced and fun, with a fantastic selection of music from the cream of the Chinese punk scene being heard the majority of the time, and an engaging visual style that maintains a steady focus on the subjects at hand at all times.

The Impaler Speaks is a local music blog supporting indie music, indie film and indie life. Local is wherever you are. In their words

The Impaler Speaks: supporting local music worldwide, from Austin TX to the United Kingdom and everywhere else. The Impaler has been a member of the Mass Movement creative team since it was a cut-n-paste fanzine many years ago. This is a way to add some depth to the coverage I am able to provide in MM, and so much more. Support indie music. Support indie film. Support indie life.

Thanks to Beijing Punk’s US DVD distributors MVD Visual¬†for supporting Beijing Punk and getting press attention.

The review is at The Impaler Speaks – Beijing Punk Review

Disclosure: I’m a producer on Beijing Punk

If I did pull quotes out of context for marketing purposes (something I’d never do) I’d go with

dissecting the lifestyle… under the Chinese government in a hilarious fashion